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In October 2021 I essentially stopped drinking alcohol and since then I have had a profound set of observations and realizations that led me to create Society. Perhaps the biggest ah-ha was that I really didn't miss the alcohol but more just missed the "fun" of a fizzy drink or the social piece of sharing a drink with my friends. If I could have the fun and/or the social aspect without alcohol then I would be set. If only there was a solution...

Soon after this realization, I happened to stumble on a non-alcohol (NA) beer when I asked a friend to pick some up for me at the store. I was fully expecting a NA beer that was severely sacrificing flavor in addition to alcohol, but hey, at least I'd look like I was drinking. When my friend came back with a craft IPA that tasted pretty good I knew this was big. Since that day I started a quest to find out everything I could about NA beverages.

Turns out, I wasn't the only one in this boat. The more I spoke with people the more I realized others were equally unaware and equally intrigued. I started to realize how great the need is for NA products. For my fellow nurses who are spending an evening on-call but want a glass of wine with dinner or for expecting mom's who want a beer or a mimosa without the guilt. Those who choose not to drink for personal beliefs. My friends abstaining due to allergies or those focused on being kind to their bodies. There are so many times where these products would slide in nicely to replace the "fully loaded" option.

So, for now, Society Beverages will offer our products to our friends in the Asheville, NC area. Items can be purchased online with an option of local delivery or pick-up. We will also be popping up at events around town where we will be selling individual products to drink in the moment or to stock up for later. I do have some other ideas of where you might find us locally and will share here and on social once they come to fruition. In the end, I would love to create our own products in an effort to provide great tasting options at a fraction of the cost of what they are now.

I am building a business to share with you the best flavors the NA market has to offer, but I am building a community of support to show you, me, and anyone who is interested what a more inclusive society we can build with better NA beverages. 

Please be gracious as I learn the ropes and work daily to improve processes and offerings. If at any time you want to connect directly please email:

This is going to be fun!

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Awesome idea! As a beer guy, I love the thought of not getting a hangover and avoiding the extra calories that ETOH has.
Best of Luck .
Look forward to trying some of these products.

John Morrow,

Great beverages without the hangover! Thanks!

Julie Shelton

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