Below are some of the most common questions we hear from you. Still have questions? Contact us and we'll get you answers.

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How much alcohol is 0.5%?

Our products contain either no or low alcohol, defined as 0.5% ABV or less. If a product has even trace amounts of alcohol it will be indicated on the product. So how much, really, is 0.5% ABV? Generally speaking, NA products labeled as less than 0.5% contain less alcohol than a can of Coca Cola or an overripe banana. The FDA requires these products to be labeled as such since the are marketed as "beer" or "wine".

Why is the cost more than products containing alcohol?

Did you know that most NA products still go through the same process as the "fully loaded" options? Most of the time these No/Lo (no-alcohol or low alcohol) products require additional equipment and steps afterwards to remove the alcohol. This is the reason for the added cost and also why there usually remains some alcohol.

How does the pick up option work?

To keep costs down, we do not have a storefront. When placing an order you will be able to select a delivery or local pick-up option. If you would like to pick-up your purchases you will be contacted to coordinate a day/time that works for you. The standard location is at the Asheville Chamber of Commerce located at 36 Montford Ave. In some circumstances we can work together to coordinate a different pick up location if requested.

Does Society Beverages make their own products?

Not yet! We are always looking at what is next so it's not to say we won't eventually. In the meantime, our partners are making some fantastic NA options so we'll leave it to experts.

Can you do a pop-up at my party or local event?

100%! Just reach out to us and let us know what and when you are thinking and we can go from there.

How can my store sell your products?

We are growing our distribution side of the business and would love to work with you on selling a variety of NA products. Drop us a note to let us know your interest and we'll be in touch.

Where can I find Society Beverages?

You can always find our products on our site 24/7. If you're looking for us at an event, you can see our events page under the About Us tab.